Spring is one of my favourite seasons, however, seasonal migraines are not my favourite. When it comes to my health spring typically wreaks havoc on my system. I struggle to find migraine relief for days or weeks at a time. While spring brings birds, flowers, sunshine, and a refresh to our environment. It also brings seasonal weather changes such as unpredictable weather, storms, and low and high barometric pressure systems quickly and unexpectedly.

If you’re a fellow migraineur or chronic migraineur my heart goes out to you as this is one of the worst times of year typically for sufferers. For myself, my migraine story begins about 15 years ago when I was first diagnosed so I have been through my fair share of springs to learn a thing or two.

Below are some suggestions of things I’ve learned over the years that have been helpful for me. Every individual has a different body, everyday health, and lifestyle which means these suggestions may or may not resonate with you. I hope to provide some help and guidance to those struggling through this season and hopefully provide some migraine relief. This post does not replace or provide medical advice, please speak with a doctor if you need assistance with your headaches or migraines.

A picture of a woman flipping notebook pages in her lap as she wears a white rope. This picture shows journaling and symptom tracking for migraine relief.
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Symptom Tracking/ Journaling

When I was first diagnosed many many years ago, I began tracking and logging each migraine as per a suggestion from my neurologist. At the time I used paper and wrote, however over the years I discovered Migraine Buddy. Migraine Buddy is an app that literally tracks everything under the sun when it comes to your attack.

Logging and journaling my thoughts and symptoms throughout an attack really helped me with coming to terms with what was happening within my body. This also helped with what certain events could trigger migraine attacks which mediations provided the right relief. It also helped with understanding my seasonal migraine triggers and understand how pressure changes to my related migraine.

Symptom tracking leads to migraine relief, as it provides you with a plethora of knowledge. It provides comprehensive information on what is happening in your body and what actions/items you might be able to reduce or remove to provide relief in the future. For myself, two of the biggest things I learned from logging was no more alcohol – EVER. This was a big trigger so I cut it out completely and haven’t touched it in years. Secondly when my hormones’ change to prepare for my monthly period. I would get lots of attacks so I learned 2-3 days before my cycle begins to have a bath, drinks LOTS of fluids, do yoga, watch my sleep patterns, and use clary sage essential oils. All of this helps provide relief and lower my chance of several attacks.

If you’re new to the migraine world-first welcome. Second, symptom tracking can provide you with a starting place with learning more about your migraines. Symptom tracking is so important as it helps you understand your body and what remedies have health benefits for your cluster headache or migraines.


Grapes & Watermelon for Seasonal Migraines

A weird one I know, but honestly I swear by always having grapes and watermelon in the house during the spring. Why Grapes and Watermelon you might ask? Both are incredibly hydrating – basically, they’re just water. So one of the ways to work towards migraine relief when having an attack is to eat grapes and watermelon daily.

I look ahead to the weather most weeks (when doing my grocery shopping) and see how much atmospheric pressure changes our weather is predicted to have and buy accordingly as I don’t want to be wasteful. I ensure to wash and cut up my watermelon once it’s home so I always have easy access to it. There’s nothing worse than being in an attack and not being able to cut up the fruit. For myself, I get am prone to summer migraines as well and therefore keep these in the summer in my fridge as well. If you’re someone who experiences headaches from weather changes, or seasonal migraines I encourage you to look at stocking up and keeping hydrating foods and beverages nearby.

Picture of 4 water glasses with water in them, this shows water for migraine relief.
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This seasonal headache remedy goes hand in hand with grapes and watermelon. It’s important to be well hydrated before, during, and after an attack. For myself when I’m in postdrome (after an attack) I swear by Bio Steel Sports Hydration Drink. It provides much-needed vitamins and supplements I typically lose during an attack and ensures I remain well hydrated while recovering. Click Here to Check Out Bio Steel – you won’t be disappointed!

Ensuring you always have water handy and near you is important with headaches with weather change and seasonal migraines spring. It’s essential to help to provide relief and lowering the chances of an attack. I always ensure to have my Ello Water Tumbler near me as it provides 12 hours keeping my water cold and ready to go for me!

I tend to go outside more in the spring for walks and runs, I find it critical as a migraineur to always plan ahead and keep water near me or on me.

 Bio Steel BeverageWater Bottle Tumbler

Vitamin B & Magnesium

In the springtime to get migraine relief, I pay extra attention to ensuring I take Magnesium and Vitamin B2 to help my body ensuring it has the right vitamins and supplements to fight against attacks. Both were recommended by my neurologist, so I would speak with a health care professional before taking vitamins and supplements to find out what’s right for you.

I also ensure during this time I eat magnesium and vitamin B-rich foods such as nuts, dark chocolate, legumes, oats, kale, spinach, broccoli, and eggs. By paying special attention to make recipes that include these ingredients also helps me survive the spring season by giving my body an extra boost of what it needs at a time it really needs it. When thinking about seasonal migraines treatment it’s important to think about vitamins and minerals year-round to support your system not just when you’re experiencing an increase in headaches when the weather changes.

Photo of a bath faucet, with the water being turned on and it's filling the bathtub. Baths can help with migraine relief.
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Take a Bath for Seasonal Migraines

Taking a bath is one of my favourite activities and it has so many benefits. You can read all about them here in my reasons you need to take a bath tonight. Taking a bath helps reduce your stress level, relaxes your system, as well as the warm water, relaxes sore and tired muscles. When I have a migraine I find my stress goes off the charts thinking about all the things I wanted to do and now can’t. I mainly sit or lay on the couch which leads to back pain and my entire system feels off-center. Letting my body sit in a warm bath is incredibly relaxing and helps my pain lower. It also helps when in the early months of spring when there is dry air outside as it helps replenish the moisture to your body.

I use aromatherapy in the bath with essential oils to help also reduce my pain with peppermint, lavender, or clary sage. I try to have a bath once a week in the spring, to help reduce my stress and pain overall but also increase if I have a really bad week. When I’m having a horrible week my loving fiancé will draw the bath for me. I always ensure I don’t get into a bath if I’m drowsy from my medications or the migraine.

Loved Ones/ Work Relationships

When it comes to spring and having migraine relief, I find a huge burden I have is usually the guilt I feel when it comes to work and personal relationships and how I’m typically more of a flake during this time with canceling last minute or taking more sick days than usual.

A couple of years ago I tried something different. I approached my boss in February letting her know we were approaching spring and my health worsens in spring. I was incredibly fortunate (and have been since) to have a caring and compassionate boss. They didn’t ask questions and appreciated the heads up and told me to take care of myself and do what I could. I also that year tried to take on fewer projects during the spring season. And then to take on more in the summer/fall (better seasons for my health) so I had less guilt about letting people down.

After that spring I vowed I would always do that because it worked amazing. I still did take sick days but I was able to feel less guilt and I had shorter migraines as a result compared to the previous year. With my loved ones and friends, I did the same. I provided a heads up that over the next 2 months I would be touch and go. They were all understanding when I needed to cancel last minute or change plans.

While not everyone might have a career or job that allows you to speak freely to your supervisor, or take on less demanding tasks during the spring season. If this is at all possible even just really small changes I would highly encourage it as it typically provides you with migraine relief quicker.

Picture of a woman spraying essential oils bottle. Essential oils for migraine relief.
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Essential Oils for Seasonal Migraines

As I mentioned above in my baths I love to use essential oils. I also use them in my water daily and in rollerballs that I use topically. It is advised individuals do their research and or speak to a health care professional before using essential oils to ensure they’re right for you.

I have a peppermint roller & headache relief roller that I use as needed on my temples. Another thing I do is I ensure to order them in the winter so I have them on hand for the spring and keep one in my purse in case I’m out and about and need it.

As mentioned above clary sage rollerball on my stomach/pelvis when I’m a couple of days away from my cycle. I use it all the way through to help balance my hormones. I swear by Dr. Mariza Snyders’s book about Hormones and Essential Oils, I can’t count the number of times I’ve read it and the number of times it’s helped me over the years.
Medication Preparation

To prepare for spring I always ensure I have a good stock of my migraine medications on hand and ready for attacks. I ensure to keep the medication at home, in my purse, at the cottage, and on my work desk so I always have it and can take it whenever I need it. Planning ahead will help get your migraine relief faster and this is critical in the spring.

Essential oils book to help with seasonal migraines

Medication Preparation

To prepare for spring I always ensure I have a good stock of my migraine medications on hand and ready for attacks. I ensure to keep the medication at home, in my purse, at the cottage and in my work desk so I always have it and can take it whenever I need it. Planning ahead will help get your migraine relief faster and this is critical in the spring.

Be Gentle with Yourself

Spring is a tough season for those who experience seasonal migraines, I encourage you to practice gratitude whenever possible and be gentle with yourself. I try to limit the number of big activities I have during this season and keep my schedule very flexible. Instead of setting goals for each day, I typically set weekly goals because I’m easier on myself if I’m unwell for a day or two it’s easier to not feel guilty. Now, there are some weeks where I’m unwell and then I try to shift what I can.

Move when you can, what I mean by this is don’t set yourself a strict regime for working out. Be flexible and let your body recover as needed. You might want to go on 4 runs this week. Maybe you need to reduce that to 2 runs and 1 day of yoga/stretching as you became unwell midweek. It’s all about adjusting and allowing your body to rest and recharge as needed.

This year, with working from home I’ve found it’s been wonderful as it allows me to be gentle and take care of myself even more than usual.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will be able to provide you with some migraine relief this spring. Stay strong migraine warriors!


Talk Soon,