Hello Everyone – Welcome to 2022!

It seems absolutely wild that we’re in 2022, wasn’t it just summer a couple of days ago? I felt like 2021 really just flew by and I can’t believe we’re already into a new year!

Have you made New Year’s Resolutions yet? Be sure to check out this awesome guest post I had in December that focuses on how New Year’s Resolutions can impact our health, in ways you might not have ever considered!

For myself, I’ve set some goals for my business and blog for 2022

  • Expanding my Pinterest Services ( introudcing 3 additional services by June 2022)
  • Publish my 100th blog post this year
  • Invest in myself – coaching and business tools
  • Outsource automating my systems ( already in progress )
  • Work on networking and connecting with at least 3 dream clients

What are your goals?

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January Blogs to Read

Okay, let’s jump right into some awesome blogs to read this month while it’s chilly and we’re inside more!! If you’re interested in Advertising with Simply Alex Jean follow this link.

Jamie Ad Stories

Jamie is returning for another month of advertising! He has such a great way with words – and has some amazing posts about books, reading, and writing! Jamie has always been such a big supporter of my blog and he has such kind words for each post and blogger he interacts with – a true sweetheart! Be sure to check out his content, he’s got lots!

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About: My blog was originally set up to discuss all things book-related and to share what I have learned about the environment. I am passionate about both of these subjects but occasionally I comment on TV and films as well as travel. Check out my posts to find out about great books, tips for being eco-friendly, and other life hacks.

Blogs to Read:

West Side Story Review

6 Quick Eco Fixes

Image of winter tree with snow on it for blogs to read this month.

Enviroline Blog

I absolutely adore reading the Enviroline Blog. Caroline provides realistic ideas and suggestions on practical ways to shop and live more sustainably – she writes from an educational lens and breaks suggestions down into easy bite-size pieces. She also covers important topics such as ED recovery and Mental Health and is real and honest with her audience.

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About: Caroline is also back this month! She’s currently in her second year of University, studying Environmental Science. The blog is a space for her to share tips & awareness about the environment and mental health. She also loves sharing her second-hand finds on Instagram!

Blogs to Read:

Coping with an Eating Disorder at University

6 Tips to Improve your Sleep

Lynn Mumbing Mejia

Lynn was one of the first blogs and bloggers I ever connected with when I started my blogging journey in early 2021. She is always kind, sweet and so helpful! Her blog covers everything you need to eat well, enjoy a cozy life and learn handy tips and tricks to styling and decorating your house that often doesn’t cost much at all (a win!). Lynn is a force to be reckoned with – be sure to check out her content as she’s always got new content coming out on all her platforms.

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About: Lynn Mumbing Mejia is a blog made for people who want to be a part of a homemaking community! On all platforms, you’ll find simple DIY projects, neutral home decor inspo and lots of easy and tasty recipes!

Blogs to Read:

5 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Home Decor

50+ Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy January all!

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