Pinterest can seem like a moving target and the idea of how to grow on Pinterest can quickly become overwhelming. I get it! I love Pinterest, to my core, but I also find myself sometimes frustrated with the need to always been pivoting and what worked yesterday, doesn’t mean it will today! Pinterest updates and changes seem to always end contradicting each other these days – a couple months ago video pins were super hot, now they barely get any reach compared to idea pins. Frustrating eh? Well, I’m here to help you with 4 easy things you can do today to help using Pinterest. Pinterest is a search engine and so unlike other social media platforms it runs differently and requires a different marketing strategy.

Pinterest Pin about How to Grow your Pinterest 

Pinterest Marketing

I’m here to tell you Pinterest doesn’t have to be frustrating, and if you’ve got the time to learn it and create pins than it’s a great platform to drive big traffic to your site! If you’re someone who would prefer to spend their time elsewhere with their business, or just doesn’t want to keep up with their Pinterest account then no worries I provide Pinterest Management Services.

Marketing your services and content on Pinterest is vital if you’re looking for consistent traffic without a lot of time or effort. Remember last week when you spent about 2-3 hours making 1 reel for Instagram. That reel may be seen for hours, days, weeks and if you’re lucky months or years. With Pinterest and the same time, I can create a month worth of content that will be seen for years and continue to bring me in traffic without any additional effort! Sounds great doesn’t it? We’ll it really can be that simple. I put out a pin when I first started my Pinterest – literally nothing fancy – and it to this day drives hundreds of people to my website each month! Just one pin! Image what hundreds or thousands can do?

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Consistently Pinning

One of the biggest things I see when I read people are struggling with Pinterest is that they’re publishing pins inconsistently. It’s common for me to see several pins come out in on day, and then for a week ahead nothing. Pinterest does not like this. This is one of the biggest things you’re likely doing to harm your account. Pinterest wants you to be continuously putting out fresh pins on their platforms.

Now I don’t mean you need to be on Pinterest each day. I am – but honestly, it’s because I love it and my client work is there. What I mean is breaking this down into a pinning strategy for yourself. Create a Pinterest marketing strategy, like social media strategies you might also have. Spending an hour or so once or twice a month can really help your marketing efforts and help with increasing traffic to your blog posts or site.

Pinterest Pin about 4 easy strategies to grow on Pinterest

Steps for Pinning Consistently

Pinning consistently doesn’t need to be a lot of work, in fact it should be the platform you can spend the least amount of time on! One of the most important things you can do is batch make pins and then schedule pins. It really is that easy. So here let’s go through this together.

  1. Look at your content planned for the month (what blog posts/services are coming out).
  2. Make a list of this content/services
  3. Under Analytics at the top bar of your Pinterest Business Account, take a look at the “Trends”.
  4. Make a list of what content you have that is currently trending. If there’s nothing don’t worry, think ahead about 6-8 weeks and plan for what content seasonally will be wanted then.
  5. Open Canva.
  6. Click templates “Pinterest Pin”
  7. Create 5-20 pins for each piece of content for the upcoming month
  8. Download each pin.
  9. Open Pinterest and go to “create pin”
  10. Put your pin image in, complete your pin description, title, URL, tags and ALT Text, board to pin to.
  11. Then click “Publish later date” and input in the date.
  12. Continue this until you’ve done 1-3 pins a day for however long you’d like up to 2 weeks.

That’s it! Then you can leave Pinterest and rest assured that your content will be going out daily and working for you without effort! You can check on your stats after a couple days so you can begin to see which content is performing well and then note that for the next time, you’re creating pins. In total, this process shouldn’t take more than 2-3 hours at most, for me it’s a lot quicker as I have a lot of templates pre-made. Once you start doing this regularly you will also get quicker! Just like that your Pinterest account will begin to improve with consistent pinning. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways on how to grow your Pinterest.  

Picture of an open laptop with a vase and flower beside showing Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest Boards for how to grow on Pinterest

This is also a common thing I see when reviewing Pinterest Business Accounts for clients. Unlike your personal Pinterest Account, you should not be saving every pin that interests you. Pinterest prefers creators who create content, rather than saving others pin on your boards. What I mean by this is on a personal account saving recipes, workout ideas and future wedding planning pins is great (and encouraged!). When on your Pinterest Business Account your boards should only be in the niches of your business. I always tell clients to try to stick to 7-12 boards. You want to be consistently pinning new content to all these boards, more boards means it will be tougher to ensure you hit pinning to all your boards in a month. So right now, go through your boards and archive anything not related to your niche.

One last note on boards – don’t join too many group boards. If these group boards are consistently being pinned to and align well with your niche, then they can help your account. If they don’t align with your niche or are inconsistently used, they’re likely not helping your account. Pinterest is viewing that as an inactive or not connected topic to your account. Make sure you use the search bar in Pinterest to make your board names. Use names that are commonly searched so your boards will be commonly found when searched. So instead of naming a board “Date Ideas for Bill and I” naming it “date ideas for married couples”. Your boards are more likely to be found and properly indexed by Pinterest.

Pinterest Pin about How to Grow on Pinterest

Fresh Pins

When thinking about how to be successful on Pinterest you should be thinking about creating fresh pins always. Fresh pins? What is that? Well, I’m glad you asked. On your Pinterest profile you want to only pin the same pin once. So, when you upload a new pin, save it to one board and don’t touch that again with your account. Pinterest does not want you pinning the same pin over and over again. It wants other accounts to save it – not yours! What this means with how to grow your Pinterest is to continue to have your Pinterest impression, clicks, and saves increase you need to be creating new pins that are being put out to your account.

Now do I mean re-invent the wheel every time you make pins. No way! What I mean is using different images, fonts, and colours for different images. You can also use techniques such as cropping and zooming to be able to use the same image multiple times but a new portion of a larger image. So, if you’re making a pin about work from home ideas. Then using several images of flat lays, combined with different colours and layouts. You can use the same template multiple times; you just need to slightly alter it each time, so Pinterest categorizes it as new.

If you accidentally re-upload a pin that’s already been created, you’ll know quickly as it will show the stats being large for a fresh upload, that’s a good hint you’ve already used this pin. Remove that pin and upload a fresh one, the pre-existing pin can remain and should be fine. If you create too many pins that are the same, it could also set off Pinterest’s spam filters which can negatively affect your Pinterest growth.

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Use Idea Pins

Idea pins are one of the best current ways on how to grow on Pinterest. Pinterest users who use idea pins increase in Pinterest followers, interactions with their pins and overall traffic! Don’t know much about idea pins – that’s okay! I’ve written a whole guide on Pinterest Idea Pins. Basically, Idea Pins are what Pinterest is now pushing for, which means you’ll get the biggest reach and interaction using them right now. I would not recommend more than 1 a day. If you’re a young account (under 6 months) I would recommend maximum 2 a week.

When your audience sees your Idea Pins that turns into an increase in Pinterest followers. This in turn allows more people to have eyes on your content and exposed to your business and brand. What this does is have them engage with other pins and content and click over to your site. Even though URL’s are not apart of Idea pins at the moment, you can see traffic growth with the right strategies using idea pins.

Idea pins are fun, have some fun creating them on Canva and uploading them! You’ll quickly learns what works best and what areas don’t work as well with your audience based on your stats.

If I could leave you with one bonus piece of info on how to grow your Pinterest – use your other social networks and social accounts to promote your audience, follow you on Pinterest. As Pinterest is consistently putting out content (because you followed strategy 1) it works for you all the time with your audience!

Still not sure about Pinterest – head over to my Pinterest to check it out! Need assistance and not sure where to start – check out my start up services!

Talk soon!