I absolutely love using essential oils for a plethora of uses around the house and for my own personal use. I’ve found over the years that having the right accessories for essential oils really helps me with using and enjoying them regularly. I’ve learned through some trial and error which essential oil supplies are useful and which are not as useful with everyday use.

If this is your first time looking into essential oils, I highly encourage you to do research on essential oils safety and first aid for using oils so you’re knowledgeable before diving into checking out that online cart you have (I know it’s full of fun oils!).

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Now, let’s dive into all the different accessories you should consider when looking into using your oils.

The Basics

Curious about just the basic items you need to get going with essential oils? Check out this list below of basic items to help you get started!



The first must-have accessory for essential oils is a diffuser! I have several scattered around my house, and back when I worked in an office I had one set up at my desk, I still have one at my work from home desk.

You can get different-sized diffusers based on the room size you’re placing them into. In my kitchen and living room area, I have a bigger diffuser as the area is big and open. Whereas in my office and bedroom I have a smaller diffuser set up as the space is more closed off and smaller in its footprint.

There are so many on the market right now, check reviews and ick designs and colours that work best for your space. A couple of my recommendations are below.

Essential Oils diffuser       Essential Oils Accessories Diffuser      Essential Oils diffuser

Diffuser Care

It’s important when running diffuser regularly, or even occasionally that you take the time to clean and properly care for them. Once a month I take all my diffusers apart and clean them with some water and vinegar and a soft cloth. I use a toothpick wrapped in a cloth to get into any narrow spaces.

If you find the diffuser still smells like oils once you’re done cleaning, then you can blend vinegar and water and diffuse that. I use 1 tbsp of vinegar for every 4 tbsps of water and full the diffuser as needed with this mixture. Run this for about 5-10 minutes and that should help clean out any remaining or lingering scents.

Carrying/Travel Cases

One of the next accessories for essential oils I would recommend is a place to store your oils. Having a safe space where the glass essential oils bottles and your glass roller bottles can be is so helpful. For myself, from time to time I will take my oils in my purse with me if I’m going out for a day. Or I’ll take a couple when we go away on vacation or on a small trip. Either way, having a safe space where they can be is so helpful.

Some of the go-to oils I bring with me every day are the oils I add to water, and my oils to help reduce anxiety.

Essential oils bottles are made of glass and so are fragile. If you pack them in a suitcase, purse, or duffle bag loosely it’s likely they will bang and clash against other items and this can potentially cause the bottle to break. Therefore, having a carrying case is so helpful as it keeps them separated, secure and keeps them contained in case of accidental leaks. Even at home, I use a travel case to store them simply because it’s easy to know they’re safe and secure and not potentially going to be knocked over or leak if spilled.

Depending on the number of oils you have I would recommend buying multiple. Most travel and storage cases also come with lid stickers included. You can label the tops of the bottles so you can easily find the oil you’re looking for when they’re in storage. For myself, I have 2 storage cases and 3 travel cases, however, I also own close to 50 oils! Check out how many oils each holds and determine how many works best for you. My recommendations are below.


Essential Oils Accessory Case       accessories for essential oils case         accessories for essential oils case

Accessories for essential oils home use

I’ve got a post planned to come out soon about essential oils to use around the home, so keep your eyes open for that shortly! I love using essential oils with my laundry, for cleaning, and for personal care. It is important to have the proper accessories when using oils for these purposes. It’s not as simple as adding a couple of essential oils to your existing products or adding it to your laundry.

When using essential oils as cleaning products or adding it as a scent to existing non-scented cleaners. Ensure you are only using amber glass bottles. Using plastic is not good as the oil will get into the plastic which isn’t good for reusing items. With glass bottles, the essential oils wash out and you can re-use it however you’d like.

With using essential oils with your laundry, one of my favourite ways is to include them within the drying cycle. I don’t use the dryer often, but when I do I spray a couple of small spritzes of my essential oils blend onto my three wool dryer balls, and then pop them into the dryer. You need to ensure the oils you are using are suitable for heat, some are flammable! I always recommend doing your research and using a small amount to start. Buying wool dryer balls is not only great for the environment as they’re reusable but then you can scent the balls however you’d like each time you do laundry. This is one of my favourite ways to get aromatherapy throughout the week with my laundry keeping the scent for a couple of days after it comes out of the dryer.

Amber Glass Bottles          Dryer Balls accessories for essential oils

Roller bottles

I love using roller bottles for essential oils and essential oils blends. It’s one of my top aromatherapy tools and accessories! Essential oil roller bottles are bottles that as amber glass and have a stainless steel ball on the top. You can roll the ball over your pulse points to release the oil for topical use.

When using roller bottles you should always be using proper ratios and using fractioned coconut oil as your base to blend with the oil. I never put more than 10-15 drops of oil in a 10ml bottle and then fill the remaining space in the bottle with coconut oil. As mentioned above do you research skin sensitivity and how to properly use essential oils for topical use. I buy from Etsy labels that are cute and creative for all my roller bottles as traditional lid stickers don’t work as well.  If you have a circuit at home, you can likely make them yourself for free if you have the right supplies!

For myself, I love to use roller bottles for helping reduce period pain as well as fibromyalgia pain and carry those roller bottles with me in my essential oil travel case, so I always have them to use. One of my favourite things about roller bottles is how mess-free they are. You can use them on the go without worry. Back when I worked in an office, I use to keep Jasmine by my desk as one of my go-to mood lifters and roll a bit on my neck and I was good to go!

Check out my recommendations for roller bottles and roller bottle cases below!

Rollerbottles      Rollerbottles accessories for essential oils

Jewelry for essential oils accessories

This is one of my favourite gift ideas for essential oil accessories and it is an easy way to carry your favourite essential oil around with you all day. Essential oils jewelry comes with a felt pad or lava rocks. Both absorb and hold onto the scent of the essential oil you select. For myself, one gift my fiancé got me on valentine’s day was a bracelet that was for essential oils. It came with 24 felt pads that were all different colours. I could place as many drops as I liked, often it was 2-3 as more I found overpowering and then went about my day. You can reapply more essential oil as needed depending on your preference.

There are many different options for essential oils jewelry, I personally love necklaces and bracelets the most. Use can use essential oils jewelry while at work or school to help with increasing productivity throughout your day.

Here are some suggestions for jewelry items if you’re looking for gift ideas for a loved one.

Bracelet accessories for essential oils       Necklace for Essential Oils       Bracelet accessories for essential oils

What are some of your favourite accessories to use with essential oils? Let me know in the comments below!

Talk soon,