This past week we’ve had quite a bit of snow, which means winter is coming! Along with winter is the attraction to stay indoors and be a little bit lazier with the cold and shorter days. That’s why it’s great to have a list of cute date ideas for winter!

With winter being so chilly and cold, it’s natural that we’re attracted to the warmth which typically is inside, and from under a cozy blanket with big slippers on and sipping a warm chamomile tea. Now as lovely as that is, and one of my winter go-to comfy ideas, getting outside and spending time with your loved one is just as important as those big fluffy slippers keeping you warm.

So, bundle up, put on all the layers, and get ready to have some cute date ideas with your partner. Cue Chandler Bing when he tells Monica that layers are sexy. Definitely what we need to help motivate us to get outside!

A couple for date ideas for winter

The importance of romance

In the summer it can be easy to find yourself always with people and always doing something! Summer is such a busy season! However, in the winter most of the time we act the opposite we are wanting to be more introverted, and our days aren’t filled with as much to do. Now, the holidays are totally different but for right now I’m just chatting about your average winter day.

It can be easy to pop yourselves in front of the TV and let the night pass you by when you’re in a relationship in the winter. It is important to take the time to spend together as a couple that isn’t just passively in front of the TV. This guide is perfect for first date ideas, long-distance couples being together for the holidays, couples who do/don’t live together and everyone else! Nurturing relationships, no matter how old they are, is important and in the winter when we’re tempted to stay in this is when you should challenge yourself to get out. To help you along I’ve created this post filled with cute date ideas for winter!

Going out for dinner

Let’s start off with a classic – getting dinner and spending time together enjoying a meal. If you’ve been together with your partner a while, or you’ve lived in the same place for a while you’ve likely got a couple of favourite places to eat. This is a great time to change it up, search online local restaurants that are maybe new, or you haven’t been to before. This is also a classic first date idea for those who are new to the relationship and are learning about each other.

While waiting for your meals this can be a fun time to get to know each other better, regardless of how well you know each other. Check out the questions below for some date night conversation ideas!

  1. What is one thing you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t had the time to?
  2. Biggest regret – and why you regret it.
  3. If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?
  4. If you could live anywhere in the world (cost is not an issue) where would it be and why? What type of property/living space would you like there?
  5. A TV Series/Movie you’ve always wanted to watch but haven’t. Set a time to watch it together if the other person is interested as well!
  6. If you had one superpower what would it be?
  7. Your preferred love language and how do you like to be praised in a relationship?
  8. You can only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what is it and why?
  9. If you could have any job in the world what would it be and why?
  10. 3 things you are grateful for today.

Cute Couple Winter Date Ideas

Ice Skating date ideas for winter

When was the last time you went ice skating? This is a super fun winter date idea for all couples. Whether you’re an experienced skater or a total novice this is a fantastic bonding activity. There is also nothing more romantic than snow slowly falling as you skate around with your loved one! You can also go skating indoors if there are no outdoor skating rinks in your area.

Ice skating is a classic winter date, most holiday movies agree and have this as a date idea. If you don’t own skates don’t worry a lot of spaces have rentals that you can rent for the time you’d like to skate. So, this date is very easy to prepare for and is such a wonderful winter date idea for a couple. You can spend the time holding hands, racing each other, or simply learning how to skate. When it’s done this is the perfect time to stop at a local shop and buy hot chocolate to warm you up!

Board Game Night

Now, I know I mentioned being outside for winter, but this is a great indoor date idea. You can either meet up with some friends or play board games just the two of you. If you don’t have a lot of games or want to play some new ones you can search for board game cafes in your area and check them out. You can also go out to the store and buy a winter puzzle to build together for winter date ideas at home. This date can be done at home, or you can go out together.

If you’re going to stay home for this winter date idea, then I’d suggest adding some elements to really make it special. You can put on some Christmas music; you can build a gingerbread house or eat some holiday cookies. As well, you can make homemade hot chocolate, tea, or apple cider. This is a simple idea for a first date or a long-term partner.

Image of a couple playing a board game ideas for date ideas.

Cooking Class

This date night idea requires a bit of preparation, you’ll need to search for local cooking classes and likely sign up ahead of time. This is such a fun date night as it allows you two to cook a new meal together and have fun while doing it! The great thing about cooking classes is everyone is learning together so it’s easy to not take yourself too seriously and just have fun! You also end up with a delicious meal that you two can share.

If you’re looking for first date ideas during covid or during lockdown, you can modify this to follow along to a youtube cooking class and do it at home! Another version can be buying a meal kit and preparing it together as a winter date idea. Try making something you’ve never made before, that’s half the fun!

Go on a winter walk

This is one of my favourite outdoor winter date ideas. Lace-up your boots, put on your layers, and head out to one of your local trails. If you’re into photography then this can be a great time to snap some cute photos together as a couple and of your winter surroundings! Be careful if there is ice to ensure you have the proper footwear for this activity.

Spend some time during your walk connecting with your partner, put away those phones, and just enjoy having a conversation together. If you have little children, then this can be a wonderful family activity to do together. Fresh snow is so lovely to walk through so next time you have an overnight snowfall chat with your partner about these outdoor date ideas.

Winter Activities

For one night go back to your childhood with these ideas for dates in the winter! You can spend some time snowshoeing, making snow angels, building a snow fort or snowman, and then having a snowball fight. You could also get a sled or toboggan and go down some snow hills. Lastly, one of my personal favourite date ideas in the winter is having a ski date. Heading to a ski hill and going skiing for the day and then warming up in the chalet with hot chocolate and fresh-baked snacks. These are all classic winter dates and are easy enough to prepare and most do not require a lot of equipment. For skiing and snowshoeing if you don’t own these items and want to give them a try there are often rental stores or shops where you can rent these items for one day while on your date.

Christmas Lights/ Attractions date ideas for winter

Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve always found the city or town has put on some sort of light show. Either a holiday parade, a festival of lights you can drive through, a group of houses that organize decorations together, or winter tourist attractions such as winter fireworks or shows. These are all wonderful winter first date ideas or for couples who have been together a while. You can hold hands with your partner walk along with the lights/attractions and chat amongst yourselves.

Often these spaces make for some great photos so you can take some time to take some cute selfies of you two as well! Often these have a small fee or can be free in some areas so this is a great date winter idea for those on a budget!

Couple out for date ideas for winter

Movie/Theatre Show

This is one of the most commonly known indoor date ideas, however, it’s a classic for a reason. You get to spend some time snuggled up with your loved one enjoying entertainment and sharing together. Post movie you can pair this with any of the other dates for winter outlined above such as dinner, Christmas lights, or ice skating to name a couple. While watching a movie is more passive it’s also one of the best first date ideas for winter if you’re getting to know someone still.

Indoor Rock Climbing/ Indoor Skydiving

These date ideas are honestly great year-round, but in the winter they’re nice as they’re indoors and warm! With indoor rock climbing or skydiving you’re getting active and your adrenaline pumping. Doing something exciting and possibly scary is a great way to bond with your partner. With both activities, there is an element of trust that needs to be there to share in these moments where you are potentially feeling scared, vulnerable, or nervous. This is a great way to connect and bond and can really bring two people even closer together.

This is one of those date ideas for the winter where you will need to prepare ahead with booking the space and ensuring this is something you both are comfortable doing – not likely something you want to surprise someone with. Now, if they’re someone who loves these activities or doing new and exciting things then maybe it would make a great surprise, I’ll leave that decision up to you!

Go Stargazing

This is a nighttime activity for you and your partner. Bundle up and pack some blankets and then head in the car, or on public transport to a nice quiet spot where you can snuggle up and watch the stars. If you live in a major city, then I suggest driving a bit away from the city and then you can really enjoy the sky. Depending on the temperature and weather you might want to bring camping chairs, blankets to sit on, or just stand. Be sure to bring some warm beverages to drink to warm yourselves as you watch. With the sun setting earlier in the winter this winter date idea doesn’t need to happen too late a night to enjoy the stars.

Holiday Baking & Fort Making

This is another of my favourites ideas for dates in winter is to do some baking together and then hang out in a fort. Yes, a fort–like one you build! When was the last time you built a fort? Honestly, it’s a lot of fun regardless of your age and it’s a great way to share laughter with your partner. Building a sound structure does take some time and you’ll be amazed how much team building it requires to build a fort between two people!

Once your fort is built then you can make your way over to the kitchen and make some holiday cookies! Some of my favourites are Christmas crackle cookies, shortbread, sugar cookies, and anything with peppermint! Take some time as a couple to make some cookies and while they are baking you can prepare your fort with entertainment such as a laptop for a film, a board game, some lights, and pillows. Once the cookies are ready you can bring them into your fort and enjoy eating them while hanging out with your person.

I hope this list helps to give you some ideas of time you can spend with your partner this winter! What are some of your favourite winter date ideas?

Talk Soon!